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Blank sublimation Ceramic ornaments or Easter tags

Kenzie's Corner Boutique

Blank sublimation Ceramic ornaments or Easter tags


These are ceramic. They have a glossy finish.  I recommend subbing These at 385 degrees for 3 minutes with light pressure. These come with gold strings. I used a foam pad or towel under these as I pressed to prevent them from cracking. Press one side first, (with the print face down), then wait until it completely cools, and then press the other side if you are going to. Do not use heat tape if you are doing the second side because it will mess up the first side that you did. Also, please note, that if you do them double sided, the first side you did will be slightly blurry due to the fact you are reheating it. I know that is also of info, lol, please join the group and watch the video on how to do these. 

meaurments (These are not exact)

circle- about 2.8 inches diameter (I printed my design at 3 inch diameter)


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