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Blank Acrylic Easter letter *read description*

Kenzie's Corner Boutique

Blank Acrylic Easter letter *read description*


You need to message or email be BEFORE you order this listing. You need to let me know what letter you want. Not all letters work for this which is why you need to message me first. The blank will come with a rectangle box space to put the name. (It will not be wrapped around specific letters like the pics). After you place the order, I will send you the template to fit the letter. Give me a day or two to get it emailed to you. 

 THESE ARE BLANKS! If you want the finished item, you can message me and it is a different price. 

These are cut to order so give me a few days to get them cut after you order. 

This comes blank. They are covered in brown paper on both side. To sublimate, remove the brown paper from both sides and sub at 400 degrees for 60 seconds. Carefully peel off the paper (it will be HOT) and immediately put under something heavy because the acrylic will be soft and bendy and you want it to cool flat. After they are cool, wash any remaining parts of the paper off with water. 

The blank is about 4 inches tall and the width depends on the letter.

 Link to letters-

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