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Blank Acrylic 40 oz name plate topper bunny behind

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Blank Acrylic 40 oz name plate topper bunny behind


These are BLANK. You need to sublimate the design yourself. 

These are cut to order so give me a few days to get them cut after you order. 

*I can only guarantee that the choice A will fit my 40 oz tumblers with the clear lids and silver rims.

these ==>


*Choice B will fit the 40 oz name brand St an *ey tumblers 2.0 with the same type of lid as seen in the pics. 


This is for the blank acrylic only. This comes blank. They are covered in clear film on BOTH sides. To sublimate, remove the clear film from both sides. DO NOT mirror the image before printing. The image will be placed on the white part of the acrylic non mirrored (meaning the design will look how it will look regular not backwards). Place the white part of the acrylic with the sublimation paper closest to the heat element of the press and sub at 400 degrees for 60 seconds. Carefully peel off the paper (it will be HOT) and immediately put under something heavy because the acrylic will be soft and bendy and you want it to cool flat. After they are cool, wash any remaining parts of the paper off with water. 

If you are confused, please see my how to video in my sublimation group. 

The plain white acrylic option should be subbed as you normally would, mirrored. 

design can be found here:


once you order, send me a screen shot of your order and I will send you the template for the size of the apple. 

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