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Blank sublimation polka dot Bunny bag

Kenzie's Corner Boutique

Blank sublimation polka dot Bunny bag


These come Without the name, but the face is embroidered on. The names can be subbed on. I recommend subbing These at 400 degrees for 60 seconds.

I would suggest only pressing the bottom part where you are putting the name and letting the face hang off the press because otherwise it could sublimate onto the bag. 

(inside is the same polka dot color) They are sublimation so you can put a name or whatever on the front, back, or back of the ears. They are about 9 inches wide and 12.5 from the bottom to top of the bag and the ears are about 7.25 inches tall. 💕💕🐣🐰

meaurments (These are not exact)


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